About Us

BELLA launched in November 2020 with the mission to build a tight-knit community that genuinely creates a better world for everyone. We are designed for active, engaged, and passionate individuals who foster love and kindness in the world.

BELLA launched with the idea: We don’t need customers, we need people who care about each other.

So, we lead by example. We created t-shirts for our new members with our logo “BELLA loves me” to be a reminder that they are our priority and we would be there for them as they are there for each other. It was our way of saying thank you for joining the revolution, helping us disrupt the status quo of the banking industry, and doing this by paying it forward to one another — because we are all worth what we give.

A year later, we’re bringing bolder messages with our newest designs and styles for our growing community. Each item is sustainably and ethically produced to bring the highest quality and design to our members, without compromising our commitment to bring more kindness to the world